Glassical Bits is a small Canberra based business that supplies Glass Magic Products for making beautiful stained glass artworks .  It also provides regular workshops run by the business owner Tina van Raay in stained glass and glass mosaics.  These workshops are held in Tina’s charming workshop in Campbell, Canberra ACT.  Not only do you get to make beautiful pieces of art in her workshop but you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun and inspiration!


Tina is a full-time artist working from home.  She has a background in teaching, theatre directing, politics, landscaping and management.  Tina now focuses on producing glass mosaic and stained glass artworks – many of which sit happily in any garden.

Her back garden is testimony to the idea that art and gardens go hand in hand.

She has held exhibitions of her work that have been very well received as her artworks are colourful, often whimsical and deisigned to brighten up any home and/or garden.  Tina is also available to make commissioned work – door panels, windows, mirrors, garden structures in mosaics and murals.

Following two stints in Ravenna, Italy where Tina undertook marble and smalti workshops in ancient mosaic construction and portraiture, Tina has been very inspired by European mosaics which is evident in her work.  Check out the Eastern angels on her day lounge that sits at the back of her garden in Canberra!!


“The use of glass mosaics has allowed me to create a whole range of artworks that are beautiful and creative as well as highly functional”. – Tina van Raay

To give you some idea of Tina’s work, go to the ‘Album’

Recently Gallery 12 held an exhibition of Tina’s work.  While this exhibition was on, Tina attended a marble mosaics course in Ravenna, Italy.


What an absolute delight it was to attend your exhibition of Mosaic Musings at The Pod Gallery in Pialligo! The exhibition was not simply a display of your skill in this most intricate and labour intensive art form, but a reflection of your remarkable spirit, love of life and joyous sense of humour. The vibrancy of design and colour in such pieces as the teapots, the guitar and the bird baths is more than an exhibition of the unique art of mosaic. It is a celebration of individuality, of imagination and of a desire to bring fun, laughter and appreciation of aesthetic into the lives of those who had the good fortune to attend the exhibition and continue to be inspired by your creative invention. Thank you for the pleasure of enjoying your artistry and the sheer exuberance of your mosaics.

Peter Wilkins